Uso De Generadores De Energía Para Bombas De Agua

Hello, thanks for watching this video, I am chosen Alejandro Jimenez. This time also power generator application, a water pump. It can be a water pump.

It can be an oil pump. Furthermore, it can be a gas pump. Furthermore, it can be any type of pump here. What I want us to see is how I know how to select our rental fleet is the installation of a course, ask me for the commission.

So essentially we already have the pump theme. We have the well at the bottom. And in this part, where it says to be the part of the starting systems with it. We have here behind 150 heads going down so how to see how others interact in general when you have a motor that we say is 40 kilowatts.

Then normally we think that a being of 40 kilowatts needs a generator of 40 watts, 45 if we have a mattress, but the reality is that when they start working, they open the switch, the switch opens. And at the moment, when I know working, it starts to work. It will be called during the start of demand son of power demand to be a second, or it can be two seconds, or it can.

Be even more than regularly, it is not enough for us to be able to select the winner. Typically, even if it's for a second, the machine is going to turn off it, compensates it. So we need to see what the heap's startup peak is. So we do that is our energy analyzer here.

What we can see is that we're seeing how well the demand for power of this motor. Here is a period of time. It starts to work at 1026 10 56. So what we see is in this motor normally it is working in this range that is more or less, 45 heads.45 50 heads more or less here in this part, we have the starting peaks veils, m, 60.5, goats. Our average is the nominal power of the button is 45 points 4. And the demand at the time of starting is 60 points. And every time we go back to the graph.

And this is the behavior. Then there is more or less. One hundred percent in power demanded. He commented on the starter and well.

This is because people want to work, and they have a system of starters. This allows us that the degree we choose is smaller. It is. Critical that this be done before starting a generator operation. Normally it is a fault that you have because the good thing is a 40 motor where we put 40 not the reality is that the motors have a peak of 1.2 and 1.3, a tip is 4 to 9 times. Its rated power at the time of startup. This amount in this motor did not have the starters in reality.

We estimate that it would be more than 200 heads at the time of startup then well. Thank you very much for watching this video any questions as a. Selector contact us important. And one of our children can give them support and guidance . See you soon.