Stereo Patching With Mimeophon: Skew, Ping Pong, And Swap

Let's talk about how the mini ozone handles stereo. You will definitely want to wear headphones to get the most out of this video. The inputs are normal.

So that the left input can be used as a mono input and will be heard in both outputs. Hallo is a stereo process, always present on both left and right outputs as for the content of the repeats themselves. The skew button provides a number of possible ways to get stereo repeats from mono or stereo sounds by default the left and right repeats of the. Same rate if we press skew any movement on the rate control will control the left and right rates in the opposite direction, allowing them to be different from each other. If we press skew again, the skew button will turn off. And the skew we just created will remain in place.

This means we can change rate for both left and right repeats in tandem maintaining the same relationship between the two, even as we speed up or slow down if we press skew twice more, we will clear the skew returning to. Identical rates for both sides. Well, there is no skew present. If we hold the skew button, we turn on ping pong, the zone, LED flashes and the repeats bounce from one side to the other. If you're using both inputs, there will be some LAMAO before repeating. So that no sound is lost to the repeats. We can press skew again to turn ping-pong off the zone window stops flashing.

Finally, when the rate is skewed holding the skew button, turns on an alternative stereo mode called swap feeds the left and right. Feedback paths into each other. This results in a stereo pair of repeat patterns, all skew ping-pong and swap conditions are fully operational whether free running or synced using the clock input to recap the mini ozone can accept a mono or stereo input signal. And it can output repeats in mono or stereo skew can be used to set the left and right repeats to different rates and their rates can be controlled in tandem, or in opposite directions, depending on whether the skew light is on when the rates. Are not skewed ping-pong can be used to bounce repeats from one side to the other. When the rates are skewed, swap can be used to create layered stereo patterns. Hallo is always applied in stereo.