Refill Kit For Canon Mx922

Inc products, calm is now going to release a refill kit for the new Canon series of printers. The printer we're showing now is a 6320 it's got the new 251 and 252 jazz open. It up cartridges are going to come over. Now we've been testing this printer and testing a refill kit. There is no aftermarket cartridges. So the only choice you're going to have is to fill up the original canon cartridges.

Now, the one on the magenta over there Lincoln that it needs to be replaced it's close to being that needs to. Be refilled, I've, refilled, the cyan already. Okay. Now, we're going to go over set up put it down there.

You go that stink mine now on the cyan I already, shut off pink monitor. The magenta will be next. And then the other cartridge we're going to shut them all off you're going to have to then you can film I would recommend having two sets of cartridges when you're going to do a lot of printing, put it in the other set I took one of the cartridges apart. So you can see it looks like inside. This is the.

Starter cartridge that came with it very little ink. The chamber is only well maybe 1/2 inch wide that's, where you would fill it now on the XP we're, hoping that Canon gives you the fact heart filled with ink. So you might have to buy two sets of cartridges, because of the Excel will hold a little more. They hold 11 milliliters of a starter cartridge I, believe holds 6 or 7, milliliters of it and then there's a chip on the bottom. And that chip is a microprocessor. So not sure how long it's.

Going to be before there's, even a chip resetter also when you try to take it off, if you damage it, because they use enough epoxy some type of epoxy to hold it on so taking it off, definitely will damage it, so we're going to fill them. You want to save these arms clip. If you will not be able to fill it easy without put the clip on you're going to remove this area, a little checkered area.

There I'll show you that, and then you're going to fill it up, and we're going to supply with our kit. Now and key. And now unscrew that's going to go right in here to seal the hole up because you're going to take a little small hospitals. It has to be taken out we're going to give you a little finger drill. So you can go in there and take it out now, a little razor blade or exact knife I'm going to remove this area right here. Just that much of the plastic on the top. This is a little sealing ball underneath going to get that want to get out that take your time there.

It is right in. There is a little sealing ball. We're going to give you a little finger drill, you're going to drill into it and pull that ball out and take a little finger drill, take your time want to get it in there. So you can pull it up peel it out.

There is almost 10 going again now before I fill it before I, put any ink in it, I'm going to put the set screw in there, that's what's going to seal it all take your time it's going to have to push down a little and have to push down so them. It starts to see there. The nice employ now you can. Keep taking it out when you got to fill it that's, how you prepare the cartridge to be filled. So in the kid you're going to get the Allen key some little Allen screws by the way, those are stainless steel.

So they can trust you're going to get a little finger drill you're going to get a syringe for each color. And when you go to fill you're going to go right in that little hole and fill it up, and you're going to put as much ink as you can in you start off with 7, milliliters on the larger cards, like. This one the XL it can hold up to 22 milliliters, not true you're going to get all that back in now.

Once you do that you put it in, and eventually you're going to have to shut off the ink monitor for that color, I use a little clamp like this before I go to fill that helps hold it. Then I take an old box and cut it out, and I put my ball of ink in it. That helps hold the ink. So that can't be knocked over very simple. And you go in brought up have a paper towel handy.

And then you can fill the. Cartridge for the purpose of this video I'm going to run solid, magenta solid, red, then that's going to come up, and I'm going to show you how to shut off that particular color, you're going to be using it'll light up over here, it's going to show you the stop light. But until you get that. Now you have to do this a couple of times because it's going to go down, go down, and eventually it's not going to let you print anymore because it's either out of ink, or you've got to shut off that particular. Color so I'm going to load the printer with paper and print solid red.

So I can get that to shut down and will let me print. Then I can show you how to shut off that ink color, I'm, setting, it up to print a solid red sheet. So I can show you how to shut off that color.

And you have to do it for all colors. I want to point this out when you're using a Canon, an epsilon or HP. You can pick the plain paper, but always pick, hi always print on high. That means the printed will last a lot longer and the end. Results will be better because you will get lines and everything. So whether you have an HP, an episode or Canon I'm doing a solid read shouldn't, take too many sheets.

And that will pop up telling me that I can't go any further than I'll be able to show you how to shut off that color like I did with the cyan. But just remember you're better off having two sets of cartridges and keep replacing them. So you don't run it completely out of ink. You don't want to damage the print it.

Okay. Now, I've got what. I want it popped up gave you the service code or support code I want you to replace the ink tank? And we will look over here.

This is important. You've got the warning light on. And then you've got the light below the stop line.

So now I'm going to hold this down, keep holding it down 1002. They went out now go over here now, it's gone. So that means that that color has now been shut down, and we'll check it. Okay, there you go. There's magenta, but you got away too, you see that error code. Now, what I would do. Is definitely go in and fill that cartridge back up.

Okay. Now, I, remove the magenta cartridge as you can see I've already, refilled it. Once we've got the little Allen, wrench I'm going to remove it, and I'm going to fill it again, I've already shut off the ink monitor. So I just got to pay attention, make sure there's ink in this there's also a little prism in the bottom.

Here you can see, you can hardly see any ink in there. So that's, what we're going to do next I'm going to go get an injector I'll, put. The magenta in place of the cyan and get a new syringe to fill this back up. Take your time you don't want to rush when you overfill a little ink will come out. Then what you want to do is use your paper towel to wipe it off.

And then you can put the little set screw in that will seal that hole. Okay. Now, it's filled wiped it off I squeeze. If I don't, see any ink coming out. So that means that's a good fill now I can go put it back in the printer, very simple fulfilled, but you've got to use some common.

Sense, you know, you don't want to let it run out, you don't want to go too fast. So it bubbles out now. This is the only way right now maybe in a month or two a couple of months, who knows we might have a refillable cartridge with a chip, but I think the way this ship looks right now is going to be hard to clone. And a CIS system is almost going to be impossible, although we're working on one I, put it in says, please wait let's start the process. Now you see I removed it.

You see what it said, magenta, there. Again, go over press, the stop button. Hold it down goes away will show you the color. And now you can continue to print sometimes you're going to do that a couple of times, or if you're swapping in and out cartridges, but that now you can print, and it won't shut.

You down I'm going to point this out Canon made it very difficult here, very difficult to put any type of holes in their kind of continuous ink system. Not saying we won't have one because we're working on it. It just said, it becomes a chip issue. And rule now, the problem I see with Canon is it's going to be very difficult to get a paper jam out this thing ever jams up. You have no room to get in there. You might have to take everything apart from the back in the front I like the printer because it does print on CDs and DVDs, but I think canons gone too far to stop people. You.