Police Taser Soldier & His Dog During Traffic Stop

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Take. This man, they take this man, bro, hey, gonna change this man, bro, , crazy, bro. They tased this man, bro. He is a military soldier, prop this man, military, bro.

They're tasing this man, bro. They're tasing this man, bro, hey, chasing this man, bro. Ah, can't.

Do that bro? No, no look man. He goes take this man again.

Take this man, bro change. This man, bro, hey, hey, baby, get the kid get the baby get these days. This man is mad for the military. They take the dog - bro. They take the dog. Furthermore, they take the dog. She did to the dog man to.

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Man. We have the right to record - we have the right now. Don't say, nice, one. Girl, yeah, right.

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