Moon Knight Trailer Reaction! Cult Leader Villain Explained!

Welcome back to new rock stars, I'm, Eric loss and marvel's moon knight just dropped their first official trailer for the six episode Disney, plus series, starring Oscar Isaac as mark Spector, a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder who moonlights as a vigilante with lunar linked abilities from an Egyptian deity. I mean ever since zombie vision in one division. I am here for more supernatural heebie-jeebies, especially with doctor strange coming back to Scooby-Doo. This multiverse, Madness so I'm gonna watch this trailer reacts to it and then give you some first thoughts before I break it down frame by frame for all the Easter eggs, which I will do in a separate video that will come tomorrow. And before we begin our friends at short booster, giving away the first moon night, solo story, marvel, spotlight, 28 stick around to the end of this video to learn how to enter to win here.

We go. Hello and welcome to staying awake. I have a sleeping disorder. Oh, so he's. Steven right now between.

My waking knives and dreams it sounded like his accent, even changed in the middle of that line. Oh, smart, I got some kid Buddy in here, all right, oh, I'm going to have to talk over this. So that it doesn't get flagged. Oh it's, a British museum, not the same museum as um Dane. Whitman. Yeah.

She wants to she wants to bang. Oh, looks like he doesn't even know if that experience is a dream or not, whoa. So that was himself. Oscar Isaac is playing this part. So, well, he's the perfect casting for this. Oh, I like looping. The audio that's awesome, oh so cool.

I'm, loving this. Wow, oh man. Ethan hawk is so creepy. I've never seen that side of him before, oh, you see the ankh shadow.

I love, it, whoa, he's hitting something now that wasn't there before they added it in. Furthermore, I am digging this let's. Go. Oh, my god, I'm. So pumped for this. Okay.

So just to give you an overview of what we know about moon knight as a character from the comics. Mark Spector was the son of a rabbi who trains as a boxer and then becomes like a CIA agent, an u.s. Marine a mercenary really and then through his travels of Egyptian ruins, he ends up getting possessed by the Egyptian moon deity of Honshu who gives him these supernatural powers that are really associated with the cycle of the moon. But the most popular depiction of the character of moon knight, really explores his dissociative identity disorder, which looks like the direction that they're taking with Oscar Isaac now, because originally just as a vigilante, he takes on this kind of alter egos. The. Wealthy one per center of Steven grant, and then the taxi driver Jake hockey.

But here it looks like they're. Mixing it up a little. Steven grant is playing an employee at the British museum in London. But I love how this trailer plays with the chronology of it. He seems like a guy, who's already kind of rattled. So even this guy, doesn't even know when his possession took place Manchu is screwing with his understanding of the sequence of his own life. The fact that this show is embracing the horror.

Side of the MCU is something I'm very excited about that was one of my favorite things from one division. None of us was quite sure how much of Wanda's sitcom reality was really a hallucination or something physically manifesting well imagine that. But in a show where we never really get the answer to it, because all of this is being shown from his own mind, he's, never really quite sure what his reality is or who even is. And as is the case with people who suffer from dissociative identity disorder, They have no memory of things that they did when their conscious mind was being controlled by one of the other identities. We got to talk about Ethan hawk here, he's playing the villain of the series that he said leading up to the show he was basing on the cult leader. David forest leader of the branch, Dravidians, Waco, Texas, he's, the one here who says, there's chaos in you and closed captioning reveals his character name as Arthur harrow.

Now, Arthur harrow was an obscure moon night villain who really. Only shows up in one issue. I think that was 1985's deadly knowledge, moon knight, volume 2 issue 2. Dr, Arthur harrow is a renegade mad scientist who suffers from a disease that leaves him with a horrible facial disfigurement he's working on a scientific means to deaden the pain centers of the human body.

He actually based his work on Nazi experiments. World War ii that had been outlawed by the Nuremberg trials. He ends up rigging a pyramid on the Yucatn peninsula to try to kill moon knight.

But he. Manages to escape, and it's revealed that he's working for a secret organization known as opium that does not look to be the case here, though with a character, it might just be a name that they pulled from the 80s, comics and are now writing a new version of the character who looks very much like a Keynesian cult leader. One of these free thinking enlightenment, figures leading a new way of life for these poor people who flock to him. And I love how in this shot Stephen grant, slash mark specter.

Whichever identity he is right now is the only one left standing like he missed the cue for when to bend the knee. But I wonder if the philosophy of the character from the comics may still be the case for him. Now he could be someone who's promising some kind of freedom from pain freedom from disease. Freedom from suffering, both of the mind and of the soul and that's. Why people flock to him, maybe people who are terminally ill thinking that he might be able to cure them of whatever their ailment is. So when he looks at mark Spector, Steven grant, Jake hockey, whoever he is here. He may sense in him that pain not suffering that chaos.

Perhaps even mark sought out this guy looking for a cure looking for an answer. And this guy may have some knowledge of magic and a cult in the MCU. Now, in terms of the role, moon knight plays in the Marvel Comics. I don't want to offend any moon knight fans here. But the character was designed to be marvel's batman in the 80s, he's a vigilante who goes back and forth.

Between a guy on the street and a wealthy elite in a tower. But the difference in the Marvel Comics is that really embraces the psychosis of the character, the ways that batman comics, don't. Normally do one possible connection, I'm excited to see is the fact that Steven works in the British museum in London.

And as we just saw in eternal versa, Dane Whitman work in a museum, just on the other side of the city and eternal ended with a post-credits scene that revealed Dane Whitman as the black knight. Teaming up with blade Marshall Ali's voice coming in there. So I am super excited about the chance of a possible knight team up among these three characters in the city dame, Whitman, black knight blade and moon knight, all three of them connected through this supernatural influence that is now spreading throughout the MCU. I have to say, I love the song choice of kid buddies day and night talking about the duality of these two times a day, the fact that moon knight can never truly sleep.

He doesn't. Really know what time of day what part of his life he's in how he got to where he is toggling between these different identities, based off of where the moon is in the sky. And even the song itself, the way it is edited starts to break down to where you can never even get to the end of the song. Just hold the phone. Hold the phone, hold the phone. Because this one phone call is his one chance to connect with someone else from the rest of his life to ground him in one of his other identities.

I also like. The background of the phone is an alligator looking gator, confirmed, but really I just bring it up, because as we saw as he crept around the museum, he did pass that Nile crocodile when he steps forward, but his reflection does not follow probably the night he did get possessed by Honshu. Look.

I love this kind of stories. This kind of TV shows because I get to break it down and find little details, little things hidden in the visuals and reflections on surfaces. So I got a lot to break down in this. I'm going to comb through this frame by frame, because I know there's all kind of cool hidden details.

This is going to be such a fun show to break down weekly on the channel. Well, again, my full in-depth frame by frame analysis of this trailer is going to take some time. So it's going to come out tomorrow.

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