Masters In Usa: Application Process | All You Need To Know About Applying For Ms / Mba In Usa

Hi there, I'm Madurai. And every Sunday, I publish helpful videos about academics career and self-development if you're applying for masters to us universities, filling out the application requirements might feel like filling out taxes, no matter how much time you spend on it. You feel as though you are doing something wrong, or you're missing out on something. So in this video I'll help you in creating a master checklist along with a rough timeline for everything that you need to take care of when. Applying for masters to us. Universities, let's get started first up.

You need to identify and shortlist the universities that you want to apply for here is a video that can help you to do that. I have also mentioned the direct link to the video in the description box, make sure you do this because it's an important step, and you will soon understand why next you need to prepare for your GRE or GMAT exam based on the course that you are applying for. I have created two separate videos about my GMAT. Preparation and my husband's GRE preparation to help you out with your preparation, you can check them out by clicking on the links here, or the ones mentioned in the description box next up will be your TOEFL exam. Most universities require you to take this test to prove your proficiency in the English language, simply because courses in the US universities are taught in English and the universities want to make sure that you'll be able to understand and comprehend what the professors teach the.

Exam in itself is not that difficult and can be taken up even with the week of preparation, especially if your mode of study throughout your school and college has been English, or if you are fluent in conversational, English and use it in your day-to-day life. Most colleges have a cut-off for GRE GMAT and TOEFL exams. So make sure you check out the average score required by your shortlisted universities. Some colleges will also require you to send an official score report of your GRE GMAT and TOEFL. Exam, whereas several others will be ok with an unofficial score report attached to the application you will have to check the specific criteria by your shortlisted universities. It will be mentioned on the admissions page.

Remember at the start of this video I had mentioned that you should shortlist to universities before appearing for these exams. Here is why each score report that you order costs a couple of hundred bucks, and you can save some of this money. If you shortlist your universities, In advance because when you appear for GRE GMAT and TOEFL, you can choose up to four universities to which your official score report will be sent by the exam conducting authorities without any additional cost. So won't, you agree that this will be a sensible move once you're done with your exams, or even while preparing for your exams. You need to create an account on the admissions' website of your shortlisted universities.

This account will open up a new application form for you. And you will have to. Fill out multiple details about yourself, such as your school name, your undergraduate college name, hobbies awards, achievements work experience. If you have any and many other things you will have to repeat this information for every application that you fill out, and I'm sure that you'll be applying it for at least eight to nine colleges. So be mentally prepared for this repetitive task. I would suggest that you start filling out your applications' bit by bit every single day squeezing in every little. Free time that you can find in your day and in no time, the application will be filled out now specifically about your undergrad scores, you will have to request your undergrad university to provide an official transcript detailing.

The grades of every course that you took for your degree ask for multiple copies, as you might have to clear these out separately to some of the universities that you're applying for basically for verification purposes. I would propose that you ask for this from your. Undergrad universities, a couple of months in advance, because every college takes their own sweet time to process this request, if you haven't completed your schooling or under graduation from any of the USA universities, a few colleges will require you to get your grades or pointers converted into an U.S. equivalent GPA on a scale of zero to four. This is done by an official firm called was.

You should check on the admissions pages of your shortlisted universities. Whether this is mandatory to be done a. Quick google search will also help you out with this along with your application form, you're also required to attach a resume document.

You can check out this video. If you need any help with that, some colleges will ask you to submit video, resumes as well, wherein they will give you a particular question, and you'll have to record yourself answering that question for most universities. This will be an optional requirement. But I would suggest that you do not skip it, grab every opportunity to showcase. Your skills and talents and make your application even stronger, one of the major aspects of your application. If you are applying for ms, will be your statement of purpose.

Most application forms will have either a text box or an upload option when you can upload your sop document in this part. You need to talk about why you want the university to give an admin to you check out this video to understand what you should include in your sop and craft it in a manner that impresses the admissions. Committee for a MBA course, you will be required to write essays to specific questions that highlight different personality traits that you might have the challenge with MBA applications is that no one can anticipate what these questions are going to be as universities change them every year.

And the questions are also different for each university. So you will have to write out different essays for each of your application. But the underlying theme remains that you need to convince the admissions. Committee that you are a good candidate for their management course you can take some ideas from my sop video for generic aspects of your essay. I've also mentioned the direct link in the description box next up, you'll have to identify some of your supervisors or professors who are most eligible and can most effectively highlight your skills capabilities and achievements. These folks will be your recommenders who will provide a letter of recommendation as part of your application. You simply need.

To enter the email ID of this particular person in your application form. And maybe also mention the relationship that you hold with that person to justify why they are best placed to recommend you. Once you do that your recommenders will receive a unique link, which they can access to provide your their recommendation for you for ms, request one of your undergrad professors or your line managers if you have worked in the industry prior to applying for ms, to provide a letter of recommendation for. You this will be a generic letter. Highlighting what courses you took in college projects you worked on in the industry and why they are recommending you to universities for ms for MBA. Applicants, your recommenders should only be your work supervisors.

It is not advised to ask professors for recommendations for MBA aspirants in the link that they receive. There will be specific questions that they will have to answer. And again, this will differ from university to university so ensure that you choose.

People who are patient enough to answer a variety of questions from multiple universities. Now, for this particular step, I would suggest that you start way in advance with at least a month's buffer if possible because it takes a lot of time to identify the people who are going to be your recommenders. And once you are done with that, there will be multiple rounds of back and forth between you and your recommender to finalize the content of their recommendation for you. Most of the time they will be.

Busy with their other commitments, so you will have to be diligent and persistent in following up with them and ensuring that they have received the recommendation links for each of the universities that you are applying for make sure you stay on top of this. Because this is the only aspect of your application, which is not in your control. There have been cases where recommenders forgot to send their recommendations in time or uploaded wrong files. I am not kidding. So please be extra careful in.

Getting your recommendations sorted out. Finally, when you're done with everything, you will be required to pay your application fee online. This amount will be different for each university, and the details will be mentioned on their admissions page. If you have someone living in the U.S., you can request them to pay on your behalf to save yourself from the hefty transaction fees, even a credit card with zero percent for an exchange fee will help you out in this case and voil, that's all you need to do.

When applying for masters in the US, next step is to wait for the results and hope that the seeds of your hard work. Bear fruits, if you found this video helpful, please like share and subscribe and feel free to ask any of your questions in the comments section notes of appreciation are welcome too. You can also connect with me on Instagram and LinkedIn. I've mentioned the direct links in the description box. This is Madurai karma, wishing you all the very best for your master's journey. Thank you for.