Junk Food Reaction

Hello and welcome back to my channel SEO boy in tune when are we going to do another rig action? And this is junk food by the ounce one out by the art, one out your same route, subscribe and let's. Take this video today's video was sponsored by carrots, actually.

Alright. If you put other stuff on us, I wouldn't. Consider my parents' health nuts, more like health kernels. They would never buy unhealthy snacks, but they wouldn't force me and my siblings to go outside and play because it was always burning hot.

And we just licked the melted candy off the sidewalk. Anyway, they would never buy sugary cereal. The most sugary cereal. My parents got was honey nut cheerios. But my mom would mix the honey nut cheerios with regular ones to make it more healthy or something. So I would start every day spending 15 minutes picking out the regular Cheerios from the cereal bowl that's, right?

My parents didn't, buy US cable cocoa, puffs or candy my life sucked. We were allowed to eat, sugary cereal for one day out of the. Year, and that was on Christmas morning, it's a fun tradition. And we still do it to this day as a kid I would always get jealous when my friends would pull out their Lunches and tell me how much their family ate out and all the sugary cereals. They got to eat. Meanwhile, I had a PB&J sandwich on wheat bread with the crusts still on, but it's, okay, because I like the crust.

But now looking back I'm, just so grateful that my mom cared enough about my health to instill these healthy eating habits into me, At a young age, I mean, I don't follow them anymore because I live on my own and I, don't know how to cook and Bagel Bites tastes so darn good, but I'm still thankful. My mom taught me what I should be doing. Now, if there are any parents watching this going hmm, I like the way, this James's, mom character thinks good I would recommend to all parents that you should be teaching your kids healthy eating habits as soon as possible. I, definitely didn't, appreciate it at the time. But now that I'm older and wiser. I'm thankful that I like the taste of wheat bread. My parents had a saying the wider the bread, the sooner you're dead.

They would always get wheat bread, even for hot dog and hamburger buns. They got wheat. Some of you might have had to use sandwich bread as hot dog, buns you're, poor I, get it.

But at least you didn't have to use wheat bread. However, now that I live on my own I still get the wheat bread because I don't want to die young I still have YouTube videos to make some never change I. Guess? Except. I do get the white hot dog buns, the wheat ones are still gross.

When I was a very little kid, my dad's work was throwing a barbecue get-together thing and I got to eat as many hot dogs on white bread as I could handle. But the best part of it all was I got to wash it down with soda. Listen. I was very sugar. Deprived back home. I had to catch up on all the sugar I was missing out on I.

Don't. Remember what the soda was exactly, but let's just say for the sake of this story. It was an original bottle of coke.

From the 1800s, it might as well have had cocaine because I was addicted to all the white powdery stuff. They added into that drink. Pretty soon my tummy started to get the rumbles and I had no idea what was causing it.

So I told my dad, dad, my tummy hurts, and he said, hmm, it's, probably because you're dehydrated here have some soda and I still respected. My dad at that age and thought he knew what he was talking about. So I drank more soda, and then I threw up.

And my dad said, we should leave I mentioned. This next story in my first book available in bookstores near you be on the lookout for book, number two coming out at the end of March. But one time my mom bought a giant three pound bag of Skittles I forgot what she bought them for, but they definitely weren't for us. She locked them away in a closet, because she knew what us kids would do if we got our bubbly little hands on the skittles, this wasn't, the first time, my mom had to hide candy from us. But this time she forgot to lock the closet, leaving. The skittles unprotected and me, and my older brother ate the entire thing, and we would have gotten away with it, but then something came up puke I, threw up on the family room carpet. My mom saw how rainbow the throw-up was and immediately put two and two together and knew that we had gotten into her skittles.

The funny part of this story is that my older brother got punished, but I didn't, because according to my mom I had already suffered enough and that's, why that stories in the chapter titled. Perks of being the younger brother, anyway, don't eat. So much candy that you throw up. Okay, I'm going to be talking about M&Ms for a while.

So to make it go faster. Instead of saying, M&Ms, I'm, just going to say, mmm. And one of my older videos, I said that my favorite candy bar was mm-hmm. And every time I would tell people that they would always say, that's, not a candy bar. I, just I just can't do this anymore.

But then something interesting happened a year after that video was posted, mmm, actually released a. Bar version of their can. So now I can absolutely say that mom is my favorite candy bar and not get any weird looks someone at the marketing team sent me a box of candy bars and I think they wanted me to promote it. But because I said that moons are my favorite candy bar whenever I go to a convention.

Sometimes you guys bring me candy, which is very thoughtful, but you know, I like other things, too like Oreos and Twix and money is saying you don't have to bring me all the time when I was visiting. London I went to the moon store with my friends, Adam and Mads. And if you don't know about the moon London store, it's, four stories tall, 35,000 square feet. And according to Wikipedia the largest sweet store in the world. So it was kind of big once I stepped inside. My first thought was okay.

This is too much. It was like the candy forest scene in Willy Wonka, except it was all chocolate and expensive in one part of the store. You could make your own custom moons with a picture in two phrases.

So for the. Picture, I googled my cartoon self, held up my phone to the camera, and it bloody worked bite. And for the phrases naturally, we wanted to write something that was meaningful. So we wrote mad stinks and Adam smells. But the employee didn't allow us to write that because it was too negative and went against the brand. So knowing we were not allowed to roast each other.

The next phrases we decided to print was get Mads and something else, whitey, it wasn't creative, but without being able to make fun of each. Other we didn't have a lot to work with, but those phrases weren't allowed either because they were the names of some YouTubers. So they got flagged by the system, and they told us you'll need permission from the YouTuber, even though you're both right here. Listen boys I'm, just an employee I don't want to get sued on one hand, I'm glad that has a system in place to prevent people from stealing. But on the other hand, it's just pinging. What do you think we're going to do with them?

So after two failed. Attempts at, you know, phrase, we wanted we settled on getting and mad at least I still got my cannonball guy printed, even though technically this image is copyrighted. So mmm, you'll be hearing from my lawyers. Soon, one of the disadvantages of being a YouTuber is the lack of benefits. We don't have dental and with all the junk food I'm eating and the flossing I'm, not doing I should probably see one can I confess, something I didn't know, dentists who are optional I thought they summoned you to their.

Offices like jury duty, that's, what it felt like when I was a kid I've never gotten a cavity, though, at least not one that I know of so at least I'm doing something right now comes the part of the video where I give you advice on eating healthy, but I'm still working on that myself. And when I don't know what to eat, I can't help, but biting down on a delicious carrot Gerard was popular vegetable in the world, having been nominated as the best orange thing ever use code. Odd, one next time you purchase a. Carrot to get five thousand free carrot points. And a bunch of weird looks at the grocery store, give your body the fuel. It needs, you wouldn't, pour soda in a car engine and expect it to run.

Of course, that's, not really the best metaphor to use, because you also wouldn't pour water into a car and expect it to run. I. Guess, everyone drinks gasoline because cars and people are the same. But the point is, you've only got one body. So you should take care of it. Hey, guys. Hope, you enjoyed the first video of 2020, Did any of you eat, sugary cereal as a kid?

Yeah, cool me. Neither I want to get sappy for a second. And thank everyone for supporting me, it's crazy. How far we've come in like how long has it been six years?

Many of you have noticed some odd ones out merch popping up at Hot, Topic, GameStop box. And all of this has happened because of your support really awesome, really awesome, very different. Let me know the comments of what actually you think about this. This is very smart, yes, I'm being eating junk food. You're saying, I'm, very picky, eater I.

Am a very picky eater and I did tweet more weird stuff that are like I mean, which helps not to be eating cookies and soda. You know, same. But let me know the comments of what do you think about it and I, see you boy next video. Peace.