Counting Up And Down In Tenths Explainer

Hi, everyone it's Sabina from twinkle in this video I'll be showing you to encourage counting up and down intense worksheet and how this resource can be used in several ways. So, firstly, how do you count in tenths to count intense you either split or divide a whole into ten equal parts? So for example, we have a hole this needs to be split equally into ten parts. So if you were to shade in one of the equal parts, one tenth has been shaded in as our numerator is one what we are looking at one.

Part and the denominator is ten, and this tells us how many parts make up a entire if we were to shade in another equal part. So now two parts have been shaded in two tenths have been shaded in, and this would continue three, tenths, four tenths. And so on this up and down intense worksheet is perfect for children to practice, recognizing different visual representations of tense by writing the words and numbers to use this resource. Children must carefully look at each diagram and identify how much has. Been shaded in as each hole has been divided into tents.

Children must identify the tents shaded in words and numbers by counting and practicing up and down. This worksheet provides students with further familiarization with tents and an opportunity to count aloud. This worksheet is perfect for children to work through independently. A handy answer sheet has been included to make your market easier, or even for your children to check their own answers independently. If you want to take learning one. Step further with this resource, why not get children to convert these fractions into decimals a version of this worksheet with an additional decimal column can be downloaded for your child to use. This task is also available as a digital version.

This worksheet can be completed as an interactive PDF. All children need is access to this worksheet, which could be saved in a designated area for children to access, or even as a home learning task. The highlighted fields on this sheet are the areas in. Which children need to complete and fill in children must simply click on the area.

They want to complete read the instructions and complete the answer. And lastly, why not make this a fun investigation task? You get children to choose a diagram. They have completed and draw and shade in shapes to represent the tense. They have identified or even use items that you have around and divide equally into tenths. This is a great way for children to realize that any whole shape when divided equally can be.

Split into tense, I hope you enjoyed this video and seeing how you could use this resource. Thank you for watching and see you soon.