Breaking Addictions Part 2

Welcome back Tammy and I are going to continue to talk about her testimony. We loved you talking about how dead, and I repossessed your car that night and I think if I had to say anything at this point, it would be that I will forever be grateful for my husband Dave. And for Tammy's husband, Jason, just he's more awesome.

He is an awesome son-in-law, all my son-in-law czar. And for my two grandsons and for Sandra and Dan our church, everyone who prayed not even really knowing how to pray because for a while. I thought, this was just something you were going through or mental thing crisis, I didn't realize it was addiction. And when I did, it was late one night. It was about two o'clock in the morning.

And my grandson text me and said, are you up, and I said, I'll get up. And when he called, he was sobbing and saying that there was some serious money missing financial issues. And he said it for the first time out of his mouth. My mom is a drug addict, and it hit me because I think we were all still in denial and. Still hoping that it would just end at some point and I realized that thanks to Sandra and Dan and Dave I had to quit giving the money because I was absolutely an enabler and so what's, what's your thoughts on that.

How did you? How did you realize this is more than you can handle I have known that for quite a long time? Once you cross the once you cross the lines of I can't afford this, but they have to make a way to be able to do this I can't afford my drugs because I need lots of them. Now.

It's out of my control, many what's a lot of drugs. Okay. So my specific addiction was opioids like Vicodin things like that, you know, when you get to a point where you can take 20 Mike in a minute day and still could take more if you had them it's, incredibly to think about, it is it's, shocking, it's.

You know, it's just ridiculous. You know, but, um, that's. What it does to you, you the minute you start taking them. You know, you just you require more.

You require more. Furthermore, you can have builds and builds and builds. And before, you know idea completely out of control and I know need more, or he gets sick, I know that doctors were shocked that you lived that your body was able to tolerate 20-plus Vicodin a day, Xanax morphine all that they were literally shocked at that. You had built up such an element's the tolerance here. It just builds and builds and builds and people normal people that would if you decided one day to just take 20 backing, and you'd be, you know, oh I'd be gone it for you. Yeah, that would have.

Been a normal day, and you know, though they wear off within hours, right so, it's, a constant I require more now I need more now I need more now, and it's just every day of your life, dance, your life, it's, how am I going to get sweeter more? Did you at any time ever consider just coming to us and coming clean or going to the doctor I did one of the things that held me back which, in retrospect, of course, is ridiculous as I was so afraid? My husband would leave me that I kind of thought I was doing a good job. Of hiding it from him.

And he even said, he was kind of shocked when I went to hospital there tonight. But yet he knew he said, he underneath it. All he actually knew, he just had never been able to admit it that there was a problem. He did because we had called about different money missing issues and things. And we had talked with each other, but I think, no one wanted to say it out of there right now and I just, and I thought.

Well, if I go for help he's gonna he's gonna leave because he's going to know I'm. An addict and it's, just one of those lies that the devil tells you. Well, you can't go get help because your husband's going to leave you. You know, you know, what was interesting about that to me is the night we finally wound up at the hospital and I did finally call Jason I.

Remember, you didn't quite want me to do that because of the shame, but I called Jason, and I was my heart was humbled, because he was there within 10 minutes and I met him at the door and I said, Jason. And if you have to go now's, the. Time to go, but we's got to get set free, and he said, mom, I'm, not going anywhere. He said, I, love her, and I'm staying. And he has been in it for the long haul. And yeah, that was a'd watched him change his life.

I don't know why it shocked me so much because he is such a wonderful, amazing man. It truly is, but there are such shame, and you know, I just I didn't expect. The reaction I got I was expecting a little more anger, a little more, and I'm sure he had those feelings.

But what he showed me when he. Showed up was that he loved me that he cared that I mean, I did not expect that when he walked into the hospital. It was just from the second. He got there. It was just he just loved me. He just cared about me.

He wanted to do anything. Furthermore, he could for me. You know, he literally just blew me away. You know, I like something that you once said, you said it to me recently, you know, people feel like that those if they admit their problem that people are going to leave their lives, they're going to walk out on them, but. Here's these same people are staying with them now, why? Why are now addiction?

Why they walk out when you're going to go? Oh, my go get help being an addict. Then they're going to leave me. It doesn't make sense, but it's another life. They just a lion. You know, I thought, the same thing about the doctors when we were in the hospital that night I was so impressed with LaGrange hospital and the care we received the compassion I should say that we received also I was impressed with the Glen Oaks facility. I just.

Was amazed that they're literally called to do that, and we never got any kind of put down or any treatment less than what I consider to be top care and I think that's something that people have a misconception about that. If you go seek medical attention, boy, those doctors are going to be like, oh, here comes another addict, and it's. Just not true.

No, no it's, those doctors and nurses that's what they do for a living. They've made a decision to help people to save lives that's. What they're there for.

They're caring they're compassionate. I mean, it was the best decision I've ever made in my life was to go to the hospital that night because the second I did it was finished. It was done I was free from that moment on I think that if I had one main thing, besides telling people the spiritual side of it go to God, and you did and God was listening to you. But if I had one thing to tell people addicts or families of addicts, parents, its get them help go to the hospital.

Go immediately to the emergency. Room because there is help available there's actually drugs, they can give you such as methadone and Suboxone, and they actually work, and they're. Yeah, I think that I didn't realize myself, I mean, I had, of course, over the years I thought, many times about could I could go get help can I try to get some kind of help it's. You know, all the lies that held me back and everything, but, um, it's just amazing to me the sources that are out there that are just there for the taking. You know, if you just choose. To say, yes, yes.

And what have you got to lose give it your best shot go for it? You know, I's. The best thing I ever could have decided to do I would have to agree with that a hundred percent that I think that's. One of the things I see we passed on the way to come here today you and I passed a homeless man, that's, obviously, addicted. And of course, my heart breaks for him. Now, knowing that there is help available to people, and also I think the value of having a good support system around you. People that you can trust, there may be people that will put you down, but there's, just as many people out there, who will say I'm here for you, I support you and I want us to talk about in just a few minutes when we do the next segment, I want to talk about going to the hospital that day and what actually happened.

And how God was there with us and met us at the hospital literally met us there in such a supernatural way, would you agree to that? Definitely absolutely I felt it? I mean, it was almost. Instantaneous before even I, even got to the hospital, the second I said, yes, I'm going to the hospital. I believe, that's, that's, the immediate moment when I was set free I believe from that moment on saying, yes to God and yes to change and yes to a better future. We're going to continue this in another segment and talk a little more.