Best New Car Maps In Fortnite!

I'm about to show you the best new car maps in Fortnite. These last couple of weeks have been very exciting for all of us in creative mode, being able to play with cars and creative has been so fun. I finally got to be able to sit down and play a bunch of maps. And these are some of my favorite that I played. Now I didn't really include my own map in this list. But I have to give it a shout-out I'm, really proud of how this Korea beach map turned out. I've left a code for this one in the description below.

Now, this isn't just the best racing maps in creative mode. This list has all sorts of different types of car maps. There are a lot of races.

Yes. But there are a lot of other types of maps as well. All right guys buckle in this one's really fun gentlemen, start your engines, it's time for a demolition derby get into your vehicles and smash into anything. You can see, wait who got flipped welcome to the demolition derby by ritual. This is a really fun map where you just smash into each other. Now last man, Standing wins the round, it's, really fun to just play with a bunch of people and smash into each other. Now there are some issues with this, some cars have more health than others, but some are faster than the others.

It's really kind of a crap shoot as you're just all kind of running into each other. And no one really knows how much health the other person has the person that's going to win. This is probably the one that's hiding in the corner, but the ones that are having the most fun and are just. Running into each other it's, a cool map, and you should check it out welcome to the Daytona international speedway. One of the most famous racetracks in the entire world is now in Fortnite. This is made by commander, and it is really well done. It is such a beautiful recreation of this classic raceway black hat asked a ton to build a NASCAR stadium.

And well commander has done an excellent job. Here, it's a 20 lap race. So get ready for a long marathon type race, and it's going to take some perfect. Driving to win this thing, you want to experience what it's like to be a NASCAR driver. This is the best simulator in the world. This is car royale made by cynics it's, a team-based PVP map where yes, you have cars to drive around, but you're fighting against each other and trying to be the first one to 500 kills is a very long match. Cool thing about this map is there's a lot to do.

Yes, you want to kill the other players and that's a ton of fun. But you can also start races and go around the map and get. Power-Ups for a minute as you collect gold, then you can pay for better guns and even power-ups for your base like here. I bought the sentry, and I used it to lure in an unsuspecting dolphin dumb and well. He didn't make it.

I actually had a ton of fun playing this with my friends. And I really enjoyed this map. This map is called prairie moo, moo. Or if you're a Mario Kart fan it's, a recreation of moo, moo meadows. I wasn't the only one that had the idea to make a Mario Kart race when the new cars came.

Out and the moon who made this map had the same idea. This is a really, really fun racetrack. The design looks just like a Mario Kart race. I love the cows that are all over the place. He even incorporated the Mario Kart item boxes. And this is just an all-around really, really fun race map. If you're one of those people out there who really like to punish themselves.

This is the map for you. This is the cars, no checkpoint, death run. And here you're seeing my friend acidic, blitz, try and get all the way. Through this in one life, no it's, not easy that's. Why I'm not playing this?

I don't like to punish myself every day guys. And I wanted to show off acidic blitz, who does this kind of maps every day on his channel. So be sure to go and support him and subscribe to his channel. This map shows off a lot of different ways.

You can make cool levels with cars how the cars interact with different devices and how to really make someone rage. If you really feel like doing that. So well done savage 36988 on. Making a really fun car death run since we're talking about other YouTubers here, I thought it would be appropriate to show ken worth playing through this amazing map it's called the parking simulator by zen creative in this map, you have to perform a series of car maneuvers in order to pass from one level to the next. They get progressively harder as you go through. And you can't even touch any of the walls.

I mean, not even a little. You can see ken worth here just struggling quite a bit. Now, if you. Haven't watched ken worth guys, you need to go and watch his channel.

It's. Incredible, go subscribe to him the level of precision. You have to be able to beat.

This map is incredible. And if you thought the last map I showed would have given you rage. Well, this one might top it or ken worth for ken worth.

I love this concept, though, and I think it's a really well, designed cool looking map, and you should definitely give it a go. Now I feel like I can't make one of these best of videos without including a. Map made by every Ebert is one of the best mapmakers in Japan. He is always blowing me away with his incredible builds and unbelievable mechanics. And in this case, he built just a beautiful outdoor racetrack. Now this track is just absolutely stunning to look at, but it's also really fun to race around he's, giving you infinite boost, but you have to be really careful where you use it. Because if you use it too much you're, not going to be able to make the really sharp narrow turns, this is a great race. And I highly recommend it.

This map is called whiplash royale by echo smiley face. This is an incredibly fun racing map. That is absolutely huge.

A lot of the race maps. We've looked at today are lap tracks where you have to go through it three or four times this one is just one giant track. There are jumps all over the place.

There are different terrains. You have to avoid because they slow you down it's, just a really well-designed track that makes you feel like you're getting something unique around. Every corner and every jump. Now, this first person racetrack by skittles, I've already done on my channel, but I had to give it another shout out because it is just so cool that feeling of being in the first person going through these narrow tunnels, it feels like you're driving through space, almost it's, a really well-designed track. And if you're playing with your friends on the weekend, this is a great one to jump in and just have some fun playing through. This map was super impressive. It's called.

Primal racers by its spark, this definitely has the Mario Kart feel to it, but it also feels completely unique. It has a beautiful custom terrain all over the map mixed with the dinosaurs and bones and water and geysers and there's just so much to this map it's, probably one of my more favorite maps that we played all together. And finally, we have rockets burst stutters, which when I first saw the video for this map, I thought, oh that looks kind of cool. But when I got in and played with everyone, this.

Was an absolute blast, literally it's so fun to play. One team is the cars trying to knock off the other team that has their rocket launchers, it's really hilarious to knock people off when they're shooting at you, and it's also equally fun to try and blast, the cars out of the sky as they're jumping and trying to knock you off. Your perch burp builds is the mapmaker of this. And he did a really great job of creating a whole new game mode. That's just really exciting and fun. So there are the best. Car maps I've played so far, I can't, wait to see what else you guys make.

And I can't, wait for this next week as more stuff comes out for creative mode.