Authentic Gourmet 20, 40, Or 60 French Butter Croissants On Qvc

This is delicious, golden-brown French butter, cross all haha. These are directly imported from France and Kimberly Grayson is here to give us a guided tour. My friend. Na, nice to see you. Our quarters are tight in here. I'll try to be as small as I can enjoy our time together.

But you know, this is very exciting because we're, bringing you the full-sized French butter croissants. We are directly imported from France. Authentic gourmet is just that bringing us gourmet products from the source. Yes, which is. So exciting and coming on this side, only because I want to show you, you may order 20 40 or 60 of these.

Oh my, these are amazing now order these to be delivered now or March 19th, three, easy, payments, Kimberly, yes, delivery will ship these every 90 days for a year. The 60 piece count is the most limited in both ship weeks. You should know also that these baked from frozen exactly you keep them in your freezer. And when you pop them in the oven, you create a French ptisserie, right in your very own home. Oh, can we take a journey?

So if you imagine yourself walking down the Sean's Elysee's in France, and you stop into that ptisserie, and you smell the butter now, you know, you are experiencing French pastry at its finest. And when you look at a croissant that is as flaky on the outside, and as soft and buttery on the inside as the authentic gourmet, classic croissants are, you know, you have something very special? Oh, my word. These are crazy, and I'll tell you I have seen videos of croissants being made and. It's layer after layer of this see-through whisper thin pastry that can take forever to create this work is all done for you. And the best part is you pop it into your oven from frozen. Take a look at our video.

The video will show you start in the freezer with a bag of these, and you get busy baking them, yes and what's. So nice about these. You can see how flat they are David. So when we talk about a 20 40 or a 60 count, you can imagine, they don't take up a lot of room in your freezer. So you can. Feel comfortable purchasing these quantities and know that at the red ready to bake off in just 25 minutes at 350 degrees, you have freshly made french croissants, no here's.

What I want to show you. Look. You ready.

Look at those layers, that's, the magic layer after layer. And every one of them coated in fresh sweet, French, Creamery butter. And you mentioned that it's French butter, not all butter is the same right. So this is French butter, which has that extra richness that extra creaminess to if it's.Also, the flour comes from France, the water comes from France.

So not only what it takes so much time to make these yourself. You really couldn't make a French croissant here in your home without all the French ingredients. Oh, my mmm, you're going in for a body.

Okay and I haven't, even prepared you one with other things on it tell me how you like to call mommy it's already sweet, because of that sweet, rich, Creamery butter, hmm, layer after layer of this whisper thin pastry, and it's. Just this amazing. Experience I've been one time in my life to the songs Alien went into a ptisserie. You did, and I ordered a croissant and a very stout coffee as I remember. And it was just remarkable, oh I'm. So glad it was an experience I. Remember, my whole life because I was people watching I was enjoying this gorgeous, French pastry.

And this very stout European coffee. And it was just lovely. It was the kind of experience you hope to have one time in your life now, you're having it in the random morning. You do any. Morning or any afternoon, what I love to say about these right now, I'm starting to make a little of a sweet pastry because I do love the sweet on top of this, the real buttery flaky croissant. But this is such a versatile pastry.

This is equally good with your savory. So think about after Easter and you have any leftover ham, you can make a beautiful right I'm coming over here, a ham sandwich and add some pickles and some tomatoes. And maybe even put some fries on the side. It is a perfect sandwich. Bread, I also love it with breakfast. This is a perfect way to mix together, your breakfast meats and your eggs and think about this as your wonderful way to get in your carbs, but I also love it as a dinner roll, right, great accompaniment to any item that you're going to serve for dinner. And then we get into the sweet here.

We have it with some strawberries, it's, really free. It exactly that's exactly what this is with just a little of a French flair. Let me tell you what we have remaining because. This is very popular as you might imagine Kimberly. And we have this in a choice of 20 40 or 60.

If you want the 20 piece cap delivered now 500 left 20 piece count on the 19th, 400. You want the 40 piece count delivered now 340 piece count in on the 19th of March 300. You want the 60 piece count now 150 if you want the 60 piece count on the 19th 150, these are all very, very popular and also limited. These are directly imported from France. These are not available in American grocery store. And when you.

Talk about them being popular David. This is consistently a QVC customer choice, award-winning brand edgy. This brand started with the classic French croissants here at QVC I did, and I have plenty for my friend David to go around. Let me just see what that sold if he doesn't mind he'll go for a little of the whipped topping. Okay.

So David I'm actually, share can I give you a little of carrot as well let's make it extra extra now we're having fun. Yes, we are we're also doing the. Happy dance get it amazing there, and you know what they like I said, they're so versatile, so you're, enjoying it right now with something sweet, we love the savory and what's, really nice, David, I'm going to pull just some fresh ones out of the oven. This has just been baking while we've been here. And it is just so simple and easy to be able to pull these out and have them fresh.

And what you'll probably notice as I'm taking these out of the oven is just how deliciously buttery and rich everything smells. Amazing and I'll tell you that the only thing you need to be cautious of is not opening that oven door during baking. Yes, keep the oven temperature, consistent, and you'll get marvelous results.

I want to show you what one of these looks like unbaked. Now, take a look here. The one obviously the smaller on there, that's, the frozen pastry, you do not let it. You do not have to let it rise or proof, meaning it doesn't need to your know rise. And before you bake it, and you pop it in the oven and that little.

Flat pastry turns into this big puffy delightful, French, buttery, croissant, all buttery and flaky on the outside with that golden brown color, and then as David showed before, but I have to show again, look, what happens on the inside of this croissant, every one of these layers that have been coated in butter throughout this pastry. And when you take a bite of this, you have all this softness. And this richness on the inside with all of this flaky crispness on the outside. So let's update you on what. Remains 20 piece count now 350 20 piece count on the 11th hour, 19th, same 40 piece count now 150 40 piece count on the 19th - 80 60 piece count. Now, six dozen 60 piece count on the nineteenth 100 left fantastic. These are very, very popular.

Remember, there's, Easy, Pay and auto delivery delivers. These every 90 days for a year, how about an elbow shakes It's were both a little normally? And what topping, yes, we are but so much fun. Thank you, David. Good to see you too.

Now, let me tell you an update you. On our vintage wine, estates bloom, Artist Series. We've sold out of Muscat.