Asus Maximus Viii Hero [Cpu Oc Guide] Overclocking.guide 6600K 6700K Skylake Z170

Hey, guys, welcome to my first sky lake, overclocking tutorial, first I want to apologize for the bad sound and image quality. My good game capture card just died for no reason, so I had to use my backup one, which doesn't does have the best quality. But oh, well should still be fine for you guys to follow my steps. Yeah, I'm using the ASUS Maximus, 8 heroes, motherboard in combination with i7, 6700k, CPU, and I'm, using the Noctua NHD, 15 CPU cooler.

First let's go to main and take a look on the. Details, you can see the i7 6700k hertz. You can also see I'm using a total of a gigabyte memory means I'm using two sticks of foggy about each.

And the current memory clock is 2100, 33 megahertz. We will need the extreme trigger. So let's go there first. And oh, yeah, this might also be handy for you guys, the CPU features on the right you can see the temperature is currently 28 degrees and stock core voltage is around one point, two, six, four, volt. Alright. So first go home to the AI overclock. Tuner and change this one to X and P, select no, because we want to auto clock ourselves, you can see the XMP profile of my memory sticks is ddr4, 3100, C, 16 and around 1.3 5, volt, ok.

So the B clock is already adjusted to 100 that's correct. So the next thing we have to do is adjust one Correggio limit of 45. And in combination with a bit clock of 100 megahertz, it will result in four thousand five hundred megahertz, CPU core speed, especially on, all course, not only one you can see the DRM frequency is. Already adjusted correctly by the XMP profile as well. So the CPU core cache, current limit will limit the CPU. If you overclock it very high, it will draw some more current than usual. And if it's limited, you might not be able to clock high so set this one to two hundred.

Fifty, five point, five, which is the limit, so you're, not limited by anything that's, good and change the minimum and maximum cat CPU call a cash ratio to 41. So the cash is some part of the system agent or the uncork. It kind of helps. Performance if you clock it high, but you also risk in I advise to leave this one on 41 sky lake is very easy become so overclocking, because you only have one main voltage to adjust it's, the CPU called cache voltage set this one too in manual mode. So we have full access to the voltage itself.

And we will fix this one to one point, two, six volts, which should be good for most CPUs for four point. Five years. You can see the DRAM voltage is already set to one point, three, five volts, but XMP profile. And. Another important voltage is the CPU system agent voltage currently it's around 1.0 5, volt, which should be good for most CPUs.

And most memory sticks if you want to run really, really high memory speeds, it could be that you have to increase this one. So in case, you have trouble with high memory clocks. It could be that you have to increase this one - may you 1.15 volt, yeah, if you have questions or trouble with it, just let me know in the comments, I will help you guys out another cool or significant. Thing we have to take a look on is into internal CPU power, mint power management. The intel speedster technology will cost. You CPU to clock down in idle, which will save you maybe 2 or 3 watt.

So in idle. So if you want to save those 2 or 3 watts, which are not really significant, you can leave this one enabled, but I rather have it disabled to always have to full speed of 4500 megahertz. One more thing is the external gig. E, + power control and change. The CPU load line calibration to level 5 on some. Boards, the stock value is level, 6 and the load line calibration will cause your CPU core voltage to increase on load. So if it's on level, 6 or level 7, it will go very high.

So level 5 should be good for my experience. Okay, one more thing we can do is go to the Asus overclocking profile and save what we just did. We can call it. Yeah.

Well, I already have a profile with 4500 meters. So you can just type it in here and save it to maybe profile. 8, yeah, that's about it there's. Nothing else you have to do for. Now hit f10 and go to Windows. Okay. So we Window now, and you can see I, also finally upgraded to Windows 10 and yeah, well, first, you need to download those three tools, you need prime95 CPU and core trim.

You can also find all the important links in the description. And also the download links. Ok, let's. Take a look at CPU. First.

This is an information tool. It will give you all the system details. For example, you can see CPU. And of course, the core voltage, which is one point, two, six, four volts, which is. That earlier in the BIOS, you can also see the clock of 4500 if you want to take a look under individual course, just right-click anywhere here. And you can see the individual core speed. So you can see 4500 on all cores.

Yeah, memory. You can see the Maximo is a hero motherboard. You can see I'm using Oh, 502, BIOS version.

And if you go to memory, you can see the cash or uncork clock of 4100. Mega as you can see I'm running eight gigabytes of ddr4 in dual channel at a course at a DRM frequency of 1600. Megahertz and because it's DDR, which means double data rate, it's, 3200, megahertz of the memory sticks. The second tool we need is core temp. Morten Bugle, give us all the important information on the CPU core temperatures, which we can see here. Okay.

The primary five is a stress tool, basically and change this one to custom set this one to one three, four, the minimum F of T and also the maximum F of T. Two one, two, three, four, four, check run a 50s in place, and then give it a go. So the CPU will put. Full load on all the cores. You can see the core temperature is now increasing. And because I'm using a very strong cooler than HD 15.

The CPU is staying very, very cold, even overclocked to 4500 megahertz. And one point two, six, four volts. So basically you need to keep this test running for one hour. If you have no no errors and temperatures staying below 85 degrees, you're, totally good to go. And your system is successfully clock to four thousand five hundred megahertz. If you exceed 85 degrees here, you.

Should go back to BIOS and lower the core voltage, because then your cooling system is not sufficient to keep the system cool. So you might have to choose lower o'clock of maybe four thousand four hundred megahertz and a lower cold. If you experience an error here now let's say after fifteen minutes, and you only at sixty-five degrees, then you can just simply go back to BIOS and increase the coal voltage to let's say, one point, two, seven, five one point, two eight and just try again.

If this. Works like totally fine. You can also go back to buyers and increase the course speed to four thousand six hundred and chest. Well, yeah, that's about it not much. You can do here with sky like. So if you have any trouble questions or suggestions for new videos, just let me know in the comments, don't, forget to subscribe. Thanks guys.