"Finance Prison Blues" By Patty Cash

Hello, I'm patty cash. I hear a boot camp's coming it's right around the bend. I ain't closing dale. Since I don't know when I'm stuck in finance prison time keeps dragging on, but that boot camps are rolling on down to Denver CEO. When I was just a newbie. My mentor told me, son, gotta have the money can't play without the funds.

But I lost the deal in Reno to an all-cash guy. When I heard he made a killing. I hang my head down and cried. The deal is up to par they're. Probably all around us. If you just know. Who they are, but Patrick, Susan Trevor helped me be free because those people keep and that's what tortures me?

Yeah, it tortures me. But if they free me from finance prison, if that real estate was mine, I'd tried to move on over a little farther down the line far from finance that getting the money boot camp Trevor. Patrick, Susan help me break away from this financial prison. Blow my blues away. Hey, patty cash, finance, coming this. June 4th through the 6th in Denver, Colorado come join us myself since last.

Lions and Trevor mark, we going to show you how to get that money. We've got all kinds of underground experts coming in people. We pulled some strings for people going to show you all kinds of ways to get that money. Furthermore, we're going to teach you private money, cooling syndication, hedge funds, transactional funding and more so come join us. I cannot wait to meet you help. You get that money for your deals get on down to getting the money at bootcamp.com, getting the money. Boot camp.

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