"Disrespectful" Creepypasta

I'm just saying, I think it's kind of up. I said, my arms crossed Blair chuckled and looked me right in the eye it's been what 10 days. Now I think this is the best we're going to manage. I scoffed this. I motioned behind her. She looked back and walked over to the dining room table.

Blair's cramped apartment was dimly lit with an assortment of old multicolored candles. The only sounds were the hum of the ac and the cars passing outside. She shrugged at me and sat down in one of the two chairs. I. Reluctantly walked over and rolled my eyes sitting down opposite her.

If you thought it was so up. She smirked at me from across the table. Then why did you come in the first place? Fine let's just get this over with. We both reached out and placed the tips of our fingers on the Blanchet in the middle of the Ouija board.

It felt like it was in poor taste. But I knew Blair was lonely in that apartment. If this was the kind of comfort, she wanted, I might as well be supportive. However, I could are you. With us Megan Blair asked aloud, and our hands remained stationary after a moment, the plan just seemed to be pulled from my hands. I figured it was Blair doing it just so she could write things off and find some kind of closure. Of course, the piece of plastic hovered over.

Yes, what happened to you Blair asked? I frowned not liking, how forward she was being? You don't have someone's salary I figured. So you ought not to ask something like that. The plan should move again, tucked away from me. I frowned. Harder worried, what morbid things' player was thinking Blair read each letter allowed as it shifted b-a-t. She paused like a baseball bat.

Yes. She didn't seem faced by this. It was out of my hands, though where are you now she asked w-h-o, Blair said who I asked five Blair red, five, I asked puzzled, eight, seven, five. What does that mean? I asked? I don't know, Blair said, a heavy silence, permeated the apartment while we sat there. Our fingertips on the Blanchet it's open space centered on five.

I don't want to. Do this anymore, I said she looked at me her face more slack than when I had first arrived. She tightened up her expression with a wry smile, too scary for you. No. I demanded. I just think it's disrespectful. Half an hour later I had calmed down, and we were sitting on our couch with the floor's lamp, bright glow illuminating the room.

We were watching something on TV. When a knock came at the door, Blair went to answer it, and she found josh standing there. He didn't come he's a big guy, but he's, pretty meek. Around other girls, you would think just by looks that he would be a sex, mom, not even close. We've been friends for a while, so he's more open with me.

But with most women he's as quiet as a mouse. I gathered my things and fouled him out the door. Blair gave me a concerned look as I went. She was alone in the apartment. I had figured that the Ouija board was just an excuse to get someone to spend time with her in the light of recent events. Don't worry, I said, you'll, be fine. She smiled thinly and waved.

Goodbye, josh drove me back to my place. I didn't have a car because my dad said, I didn't need one my first year of college. I had protested, but he said, it was only right that we kids learned about the value of public transport in big college cities in reality. It just meant.

I relied on other people like josh for rides. We pulled up to my dorm, and he put it in park. He looked across the car at me, there's something I've been wanting to tell you. He said, I froze up the last thing I required was another. Person trying to emotionally rely on me after all of this.

Can you tell me tomorrow, I asked I'm exhausted? I need to get some sleep. I motioned at the building to my right, I'm, pretty emotionally. Drained.

Furthermore, I don't know how much more I can handle Blair used her cold, to cope. And I worry that josh was going to use affection. We had been close since high school, but it was always Platonic. I didn't want anything besides that he sighed looking sad.

Yeah. I can talk tomorrow. You want to go out lunch or. Something the next day was Sunday, which meant I would have a good bit of free time.

I laughed tiredly that sounds great. You sure you can wait, yeah, he nodded smiling with a hint of sadness in his voice. Yeah, thinking away sleep tight tonight. Okay, I popped open the passenger side door and hopped out closing the door.

I waved him off. And he sped out of the parking lot as he went. I noticed something about josh's car that I had never seen before the plate on the back read who 5875, e and k.