*Detailed* Start To Finish Lace Frontal Wig Install Ft Luvmehair | Beginner Friendly

A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before the great proverbs, 18, verse, 16., okay, guys. So this is the wig. This is how it comes in this cute cute cute box. I'm just going to open up the wig comes in this bag. Right here.

A comb a bag with a scrunchie eyelashes press on those two eyelashes that look really nice, actually cute earrings guys. This is how the wig looks. I think it's been pre-bleached and a little plucked, but obviously I'm going to go in and do my own customization. But off first. Impressions this might have to be the best body wave wig that I've like received because most body waves. They just come up that you know wave, but it looks like they actually took time with this wig. Only because let me show you.

They've put layers in the wig, like I've never had a wig. That's come with actual cutlery like you can see they've cut layers. And they've actually curled their hair like this would have been perfect to just wear straight away.

I mean, if you don't know how to block or you. Don't know how to, um bleach, you can just literally pop it on your head. Okay, guys. So this is the wig now that it's on. Um, luckily, for me, it fits into here.

One thing that's good is that it did come with a headband, an elastic band. So that's, perfect, and it's, not like uncomfortable or anything. So that's, good like the lace is big, but it goes back if that makes sense and I think that's, maybe because the way the funnel was constructed. But after when I cut it I'm going to show you guys how I fixed. This so this happens quite a lot.

But as long as your frontal is all the way down here, this area can be fixed, um. So, yeah, I'm just going to start cutting the lace one thing that I think I am going to go back in and do is pluck around this area. It has a very like squash type shape to it. I have a very round hairline. You want to just make sure the frontal is similar to your hairline, just try and pluck it. This area a bit back.

If that makes sense just to create the illusion of a dip. The first thing. That I do is, I cut my ear tabs. Well, here is my ear as you can see. And here is my sideburns.

I go to the bottom of my sideburns, and I just point upwards. And this is the section where I would cut so from here upwards. And then I take this out just pull it out. So now you have a section of hair. And this is the section that you're going to actually use the rest is just going to get snipped off and try to cut in a jagged motion and not straight across. So yeah and here's. All the excess lace that I'm just.

Going to snip off. So when you cut the lace, and you like to fill out your ear, the front will kind of like commute forward. So now I still have that sideburns a tiny bit of side burner.

So what I'm going to do is I cut where my ear is but upwards. So because the lace doesn't completely fit I'm going to have to cut make a little snip. And this is just going to push forward the frontal forward. So I just made a little snip here and that's gonna literally push the front or forward.

Yeah. So now it fits. But I.

Did have to make a larger slit, um behind my ear here, but don't worry because all your hair is going to cover it anywhere here. And here. So I have a middle section, and I have two sides. I always cut my lace. First. This is the process I do if you cut your lace afterwards, then you can go ahead and do this. But I just prefer to do this technique just so I can see where everything is.

So I just cut in a zigzag motion up down up down up down back down across the frontal. And if you lightly tug at. The lace it makes it quicker. Okay? And then to stick it down I'm going to use the even wonder lace bond adhesive spray. And this spray is about my new favorite.

I just use it all the time. Um, it has a very, very strong. Hold it is quite sticky. But I love how the nozzle isn't as messy as got to be, and it smells nice. And I just take this layer, a generous layer, and then I'm just going to take that and just press it down.

Take my john Frieda, frizz. E, serum apply this onto the hair I'm, just gonna quickly blow dry. It right to my lace and just prep it. So this is how it's looking I'm just going to leave it at this I'm just going to pull out some hairs that will act as the edges do.

And I've got the edges I'm just going to trim them. I kind of like trim them around eyebrow length. And if I need to cut shorter, I just cut shorter rather than going in and then cutting. And you've cut them too short, I'll, take my mousse and the mousse I'm, using is the apogee mousse looks like that. This is the effigy style. Unwrap mousse.

And this mousse has a really long hold. And then I just take my finger and my comb, and I just mold it into how I like. So I like it to have a little flick at the end, so I'll, just and then feed it back in or merge it back into the rest of the hair. So just to find my parts, just lay everything nice and flat I'm going to take my character, whack stick. I don't want it to be too flat, because I still want about volume.

Okay. So now that that's done I'm going to go ahead and start curling the hair I'm going to be. Back I'll show you one curl, because my camera's going to die I'm going to take my color wand, and I'm just going to curl outwards like, so I'm going to try and get the ends in there as well I'm going to hold it for about 15 seconds and then drop them. And as you drop them, you don't have to drop immediately and yeah, that's one cow.

So I'm going to do the same thing basically on my entire head, and I'm going to come back I'm going to define my part by adding some concealer I'm going to take my eyesight for a. Concealer in the shade form, I'm just going to go ahead. And this is yeah, brush out. These curls, beautiful. This is yeah, beautiful. Curls volume. Look, no, just look at the look at the bounce back. Look at the bounce back like it just bounced back into place.

This hair is really, really nice. And then this side I'm just going to like this is one of my favorite hairstyles. I just feel expensive and it's so expensive.

Whenever I do, it guys look at how thick and this hair is so soft as you guys could feel it. It is. So soft and it's just so pretty. And the density is literally spot on one thing that I didn't find is this hair, plucked so easily like it, plucked so easy, look it's shaking as I'm shaking to understand. I can actually mess this hair up that's. What I love about curly hair, you can actually do whatever mess up take out the curls.

And then once as long as you've got a brush nearby, look, if you're doing this on your hair, it's, not shaking, maybe you need to reevaluate your vendor, beautiful, beautiful. Honestly and it holds the curl so nice, you know when you cut somehow, then it just drops there see look it's back in uniform like, oh, yeah. This hair is all right. So this is the wig the next day. And I just want to show you guys it without any baby hair. So I removed the edges. And I just want to show you guys how it looks without edges.

I feel like it looks great both ways, um, it looks very clean without any baby hairs, but the curves manage to stay overnight. This is in a bonnet. Thank you so much for. Watching if you enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, when you subscribe click, the bell next to the subscription button that way you don't miss out when I post a new video, they bless stay safe and stay put up.